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Durability of Giclee Canvas Prints

Giclee Canvas Print

I’m sure you have heard companies talk about how durable their canvas prints are.  But there really is a difference in technology that is used, archival inks chosen by the company, and the quality of the canvas.  And here is what Philip A . . . had to say about our product and quality . . . .You made these for me the week you got your first giant printer! You were still figuring out how to use it, and you may have done it for free? I’ve had them on my wall for 25 + years or more. These kids are now 30 and 28.

giclee print on canvas

While you may not notice any change in the short term (i.e. a few years), hanging any canvas print that is printed with anything outside of modern Giclée inks (which are incredibly durable and excellent for canvas) and investigating the company with which you are dealing that canvas that you are so proud of will most likely not have a particularly long lifetime . . . . I would say at the most, a few years.  You’ll likely start to see some fading or color shifting.

photos for canvas prints

The prices of prints may vary.  Some early (and less expensive prints) are plagued by the premature fading of dye based inks and attention has not been paid to improving longevity. Pigmented ink can improve the longevity of inkjet printing, including canvas products but unlike paper, which is usually protected behind glass, inkjet printable canvas is exposed to the elements.

Once the marketing hype which surrounds inkjet canvas longevity is discarded we have come to the conclusion that, as a company, printing technology, our over thirty years of experience and the ink set we use will determine the useful life of your canvas Giclée print.  No compromises can be made.

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